I work from my home studio in Indianapolis, IN. I came to the US from western Canada to study, worked 15 years in the Life Sciences, and now consult on medical device regulatory affairs.

I imagined I saw a city in a circuit board when I tried to fix my broken video player in 1998. I started painting on the circuit boards for fun and relaxation. I eventually wanted to show others and began use my art to bring attention to electronic waste concerns.

My work has shown in art and recycling venues and I have created several commissioned sculptures. I enjoy working with people to create a sculpture they connect with and welcome new commissions.

In order to increase the scale of the sculptural experience, I am actively seeking to engage the public through social media to create visually stimulating community-sourced interactive installations. Through that process, the engaged community can create greater attention not only to the art itself, but also to relevant environmental issues and solutions.