Solar Flare: Ode to Julian

Solar Flare - Ode to Julian

These collectors are a couple who exalt in their love and chaotic energy - she added the sweet ‘Ode’ subtitle. The piece is self-lit and throws intricate shadows. The interactive section has rings that tinkle when they connect. Because he works in the field, the circuit boards, hard drive platters and metal pieces are all computer-related. The piece was designed to sit very flush to the wall in a high traffic area of their home. 2011, 42” square x 7” deep, LED rope self-lit, mounted on aluminum trimmed plywood.


Songs in the Key of ROM

Songs in the Key of ROM

This collector is a composer of contemporary works who loves variations on a theme and subtle dark colors. All of the circuit boards are from glucose meters and have an open slot for a ROM (read-only memory) key - the center board was the prototype. 2004, 24” square, acrylics, mounted on PVC foamcore.

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