Marilyn Gatin


Sculpture from the Leftovers of Technology

My dead electronics medium speaks to our experience with science and technology. We depend on our electronics but they break, wear out and better ones are almost always available. At best, the old ones get responsibly recycled. Mishandled, toxins are released or precious metals go to waste.

Featured Project

Rainbows of Hope

I’m excited to announce my latest project. It’s a project that is near to my heart. These fence panels are made to proudly show support of the LGBTQ community.

Karma Sculptures

Chicken Karma Project

A long time ago, on a little farm on the Canadian Prairie, I became part of a killing machine. I make these birds to replace the ones I helped kill years ago.

Scientist turned Sculptor

Marilyn Gatin

I imagined I saw a city in a circuit board when I tried to fix my broken video player in 1998. I started painting on the circuit boards for fun and relaxation. I eventually wanted to show others and began to use my art to bring attention to electronic waste concerns.

Commission a Work of Art

Like something you see? I can make that unique gift you are looking for.

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