Marilyn Gatin’s latest project is her response to the isolation, despair, disconnection and fear that, for many people, defines 2020.


Watching in horror from the safety of her cocoon as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, Marilyn felt the impotence that was shared by most.  She helplessly watched others struggle with unsafe work environments, unemployment, disease and death.

When the world started responding to the injustice of the murder of George Floyd and the organized actions of others grew into a formidable force for change, she was inspired to act boldly. 

Wanting to share light and hope with those who needed it most, she decided to make a huge and colorful visual statement. 

Gathering her tools, reclaimed aluminum siding, paint, and the feedback of a few good friends, Marilyn got to work creating the largest and brightest expression of hope that her fence could hold.

Rainbows of Hope was born! We all share the HOPE that a rainbow brings after a storm!

Using reclaimed materials, Marilyn constructed 3 x 4 foot rainbow panels that are designed for outdoor installation. The construction challenges made the project compelling, especially the larger section depicting the Progress Pride flag, with its construction of chevrons and masking/painting process.

Spraying the primer coat was lovely. A blank canvas is a bated-breath moment – a time to pause and imagine and prepare for the emotional impact of COLOR! 

In this case, the message was HOPE. In these times of uncertainty, hope is a message that we can all hold on to.  Hope unifies and fortifies, shedding light into the darkest places.

Marilyn wants her work to inspire hope in places where it is most needed.  Trinity Haven, a home in Indianapolis for homeless LGBTQ+ youth, is a place of HOPE.  Marilyn has donated The Progress Gate to Trinity Haven and will be installing it in October.  It is her desire that it welcomes and inspires all who live and work there. 

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