On September 25th, Fox 59 shared this video with their viewers:

Rainbows of Hope on Fox 59

Little did Marilyn know that this one video would help her reach many of her goals for the Rainbows of Hope project.


Marilyn started the Rainbows of Hope project because of the bad news that just kept coming as 2020 unfolded. But as hope welled up in her, she knew she wanted to share that feeling with as many people as possible.


Few things break Marilyn’s heart like a young person in the LGBTQ community who can’t be who they are and still feel welcome in their own home. In a recent survey¹ 40{e046dfc627151560ae7f4dd7025b8400c78ea0eebc855dccccf62a4690d19973} of LGBTQ youth said they have seriously considered suicide in the past year. For Marilyn, hope isn’t just a feeling. It can also mean the strength to reach out. And to forge ahead.


So, Marilyn knows that the more young people who know there are people out there who are like them and who will care for them if only given the opportunity, the more young people will grow into healthy adults who thrive in life. Getting her message out is a matter of life and death.


When Fox 59 aired the story about the Rainbows of Hope panels and Progress gate, only one donation had been secured. Within days, every single panel was spoken for! Here are the wonderful organizations that have agreed to host the panels:


Trinity Haven – https://www.trinityhavenindy.org

Big Car – https://www.bigcar.org

Indy Fringe – https://indyfringe.org

SOAR Initiative – https://www.soarinitiative.com

Indiana Youth Group – https://www.indianayouthgroup.org

District Theatre- https://www.indydistricttheatre.org


As we move into this next year, be encouraged that HOPE is spreading. And that the helpers are at work.



  1. https://www.thetrevorproject.org/survey-2020/?section=Suicide-Mental-Health
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