Sometimes, when life gives you lemons, you’ve gotta take a large hammer and smash something

Smashing Booth - Marilyn Gatin Art

I know I’m not alone in often feeling like a tightly wound spring. The events and circumstances of 2020 have challenged my patience as well as my endurance. Who knew back in Spring that we would still be in the thick of things at the end of the year?!

I find myself stealing a quiet minute or two here and there to keep my head on straight. I read the benefits of meditation and have seen the effect it has on my own mood.

But there’s just something about screaming into an abyss that my every nerve ending tingles for. In times of stress, people who kickbox make so much sense to me. Sure, I could punch a pillow, but is it any help (ie, fun) if nothing breaks?

Enter the Smashing Booth. In years past, Marilyn would set this thing up at festivals and invite people to smash phones, printers, walkmen, any sort of dead electronics she could get her hands on. And she has an arsenal of weapons to choose from.

Marilyn felt the Smashing Booth was the perfect way to decompress after the election. And lucky for me, she invited my family to join her! Boy did it feel good. To take your anger and disappointment and insecurities out on something that sends little bits flying through the air brings a satisfaction that sitting in a quiet room never will!

The good news is that her setup is portable. As we (eventually) start transitioning back into normal life, Marilyn wants to get the Smashing Booth back out on the road to give more people the opportunity to smash their troubles to bits. If you want the Smashing Booth to come to your event some day, let Marilyn know through Facebook or on her contact page.

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