Breaking Through to Creativity

Take Apart Art

Exposing Beauty

Art of Circuit Boards

I see images in the art of circuit boards and I am inspired to bring those to the surface like a sculpture who creates from a block and takes away so the beauty is exposed.

Grief Support

Memorializing My Sister

In this “Take Apart Art” project, my sister-friends helped me memorialize my lost sister. We took apart multiple computer driven magnifying cameras, for the goal of turning them into poppy flowers: my sister’s favorite flower.

This is what Grief Support Looks Like

Sister-Friends at Work!

Smashy, Smashy

Smash Booths

I created Smash Booths as a way for the public to be able to smash old technology, to break it apart, to see the potential in the components.

This was also debuted at Circle City Industrial Complex on 1/4/2019.

All parts were kept from the smash booths to be reused in future pieces of art.

Relieving Stress

Dual Purpose

The Smash Booths also became an outlet for relieving stress, a way to release anger. A safe place to let go.

The Smash Booth is mobile and can be used for parties. It is a great addition to office parties, retirement parties, and any party that could use a little smashing.

Popular Booth

The Smash Booth Grabbed Attention

Reach Out to Marilyn

Reach out to Marilyn for your next office party, team exercise, office party, celebration, or any need you might have to SMASH!
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